Honeymoon (1985)

aka Lune de miel
Article 3419 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 11-12-2010

Posting Date: 12-24-2010
Directed by Patrick Jamain
Featuring Nathalie Baye, John Shea, Richard Berry
Country: Canada / France
What it is: Psycho killer movie

A Frenchwoman in New York is threatened with deportation when her husband is arrested on drug charges. She arranges a marriage of convenience with another man to get her American citizenship under the assumption that she will never meet the man. Then he suddenly shows up at her apartment, and she can’t get rid of him. And furthermore, he’s not quite sane…

This is a French / Canadian production shot in New York (and Montreal) that I found difficult to find, and had to settle for a print that was dubbed into Italian. Nevertheless, I found enough in the way of plot descriptions to help me sort it out. In some ways, it reminds me of PLAY MISTY FOR ME in the way it portrays how an unhealthy person can worm their way into your life, though it’s not quite as good. Though it works itself up to a decent ending, it’s one of those movies that takes quite a while to get moving; the middle of the movie is a fairly long stretch, though it might have played better for me if I could have understood the dialogue. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty minor entry in the psycho killer movie genre.


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