Der Student von Prag (1935)

aka The Student of Prague
Article 3417 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 11-10-2010
Posting Date: 12-22-2010
Directed by Arthur Robison
Featuring Anton Walbrook, Theodor Loos, Dorothea Wieck
Country: Germany
What it is: Doppelganger film

A student falls in love with a beautiful singer, and sells his soul (in the form of his mirror reflection) to win her. He then finds himself haunted by his reflection.

Since my copy of this is in unsubtitled German, I’m doing a little guessing on the plot, but since I’ve seen the two earlier versions of the story, I’m guessing it’s accurate enough. Though this is supposed to be the weakest of the three versions I’ve seen, I quite liked it, even with the language difficulties. Several of the scenes are quite striking, and the performances by Anton Wolbrook and Theodor Loos are quite memorable. The ending is particularly memorable here; I don’t recall the endings of the other two versions to be quite as moving as this one’s. Maybe someday I’ll get to see a subtitled version and really be able to appreciate it.


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