Curse of the Voodoo (1965)

Article 3310 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 7-21-2010
Posting Date: 9-6-2010
Directed by Lindsay Shonteff
Featuring Bryant Haliday, Dennis Price, Janet Stacey
Country: USA / UK
What it is: Voodoo curse movie

A big game hunter kills a lion in a territory inhabited by a tribe that worships lions. The witch doctor places a curse on the hunter.

The first twenty minutes of this movie work well enough; the story is told crisply, moodily and efficiently. Once the action leaves Africa, though, the movie loses steam. This is probably because there really isn’t much of a story at this point, so we get distracted with several side issues (such as the marital problems with the hunter and his wife) and repeated displays of the curse at work, though I find little variety in the way it manifests itself. Eventually, the action shifts back to Africa, but by this time the tension built up in the opening scenes has dissipated, and the movie’s ending doesn’t really satisfy. This is ultimately a disappointing follow-up to the previous collaboration between Haliday and Shonteff (DEVIL DOLL).

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