The UFO Incident (1975)

Article 3147 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 1-24-2010
Posting Date: 3-27-2010
Directed by Richard A. Colla
Featuring James Earl Jones, Estelle Parsons, Barnard Hughes
Country: USA
What it is: UFO encounter reenactment drama

An interracial couple experiences dual amnesia after seeing a UFO. After keeping the subject to themselves for two years, they find the secret putting a strain on their marriage, and they see a psychiatrist. He uses hypnotism to find out what happened during the period covered by the amnesia.

Though one’s personal perceptions about the truth of the story of Barney and Betty Hill will no doubt play a role in how one accepts this drama, I think the movie is definitely worth catching. Much of the credit goes to the excellent acting of all three of the principals, especially from James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons, who portray the Hills as full realized, three-dimensional people. The writers also should be commended for producing a script that allowed that dimensionality to come through. It is because the characters are so well-developed that we grow interested in them and their plight. Solid direction by Richard A. Colla further enhances the movie. Its main problem is that the special effects are only so-so; it’s one of those movies where it would have been better if the aliens had remained shrouded in the shadows, because it’s not really satisfying when you get a clear look at them. Nevertheless, this is secondary; it’s the human story that dominates here, and in terms of dealing with the complex relationship problems between the married couple, the movie does engage us and even manages to give us a happy ending. This is definitely one of the more interesting TV-Movies I’ve seen for this series.

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