Wielka, Wieksza I Najwieksza (1963)

aka The Great Big World and Little Children
Article 3095 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 11-8-2009
Posting Date: 2-3-2010
Directed by Anna Sokolowka
Featuring Kinga Sienko, Wojciech Puzynski, Zofia Kucowna
Country: Poland
What it is: Polish children’s fantasy

Two children are drawn into a series of adventures by a talking car. They rescue a kidnapped child, search for a lost plane in the Sahara desert, and visit another planet.

This rare fantasy movie sat on my list unfound for several years, but popped up unexpectedly on YouTube, thus giving me a chance to watch it. It’s in unsubtitled Polish, so the action is difficult to follow. However, the first two segments are straightforward enough that I was able to more or less follow them. The visit to the other planet is a bit tougher, but it seems to involve a trapped child after nuclear devastation has destroyed the planet; some of this description was based on other plot descriptions I’ve found. It’s fairly amusing, but except for the last segment, it’s not particularly engaging on a visual level. Outside of the car, we also get talking watches, radios, airplanes and telephones. It’s just offbeat enough to be worth a look.

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