Morianerna (1965)

aka Morianna
Article 3089 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 10-31-2009
Posting Date: 1-28-2010
Directed by Anne Mattsson
Featuring Anders Henrikson, Eva Dahlbeck, Heinz Hopf
Country: Sweden
What it is: Swedish horror thriller…

A hated patriarch is murdered. His family are the immediate suspects. But is he really dead…?

Most of the above plot description is culled from one I found at several locations on the internet; it makes the movie sound something like an “old dark house” thriller. Since my own copy of this movie is in unsubtitled Swedish, I can’t verify too much of the plot, but things seem a little complex. The fantastic content is vague; the Willis guide mentions a killer appearing suddenly “like an avenging ghost”, and the Lee guide talks about the murders, a dead man mysteriously appearing in his favorite chair, and a phone call from Death. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to combine these hints into what seems to me like a coherent story, and, truth to tell, it may not be; with only a 5.0 rating on IMDB, there’s reason to believe the movie isn’t very good, and the one plot description I found said the movie was more memorable for the nude scenes than anything else. For me, the moments that stand out include a man’s unexpected appearance when I thought he had been killed, and a scene where a doll is burned at the stake. I found this one impenetrable, and must wait for an English version before I can make sense of it.

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