Outer Touch (1979)

Article 3083 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 10-25-2009
Posting Date: 1-22-2010
Directed by Norman J. Warren
Featuring Barry Stokes, Tony Maiden, Glory Annen
Country: UK
What it is: Science fiction sex comedy

Three female aliens from outer space make an emergency landing on Earth, where they pick up four people. Not having seen men before, they are surprised to discover that three of the creatures have flat chests and strange appendages. However, they soon learn the purpose of the appendages…

This movie has three female space aliens. One is in charge of the ship, and wears black leather. One is an engineer and wears a low cut blouse. The third is a scientist and has an elaborate wardrobe. The four Earthlings include an engaged couple who aren’t having sex yet (he wants to and she doesn’t), a geeky student who likes porno magazines, and a would-be stud. There’s also a talking gay computer and a mechanical psychiatrist in the form of a Wurlitzer jukebox. By the end of the movie everyone’s had a chance to be naked, the three space aliens learn to enjoy some new experiences with the geeky student, the stud gets his comeuppance, and I’ll let you guess what happens with the engaged couple. As a comedy, I found it laughless; as a sex movie, it’s a matter of personal taste, and it depends on who is on the screen at the time (for those who are curious, I’m partial to Ava Cadell myself). Outside of that, the most interesting thing about this one is that it seems at least partially modeled off of DARK STAR; in particular, there is the concept of a computer constantly reporting on hardware malfunctions that are never addressed, and the end of the movie bears a certain similarity as well. Whether this movie is your cup of tea is up to you.


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