The Omegans (1968)

Article 3025 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 8-19-2009
Posting Date: 11-25-2009
Directed by W. Lee Wilder
Featuring Keith Larsen, Ingrid Pitt, Lucien Pan
Country: USA / Philippines

An artist discovers that his wife is having an affair with an adventurer. When he discovers that the water from the area where they took an expedition is radioactive and destroys those who bathe in it and drink it, he comes up with an insidious idea for his revenge.

Here’s a good example of a bad story done badly. You have the premise up above. From the point where the premise is established, the movie simply follows a straight line to its conclusion, with no twists, no surprises, and little in the way of interest level. Furthermore, W. Lee Wilder remains one of the least interesting directors to ever work in the genre; the scenes are all static and poorly staged, the energy in non-existent, and the whole production is thoroughly uninspired. The Omegans of the title refer to the tribe that lives near the water in question, but they barely play a role in the story, which is more concerned with its standard triangle plot. This one is truly a waste of time.


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