Lady Dracula (1978)

Article 3022 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 8-16-2009
Posting Date: 11-22-2009
Directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb
Featuirng Evelyne Kraft, Brad Harris, Theo Lingen
Country: West Germany

A former female victim of Dracula is revived in modern times. A policeman investigates the resulting vampire killings, unaware that his new girlfriend is the Lady Dracula.

Here we have, as a follow-up to OLD DRACULA, another comic take on the Dracula legend. Unfortunately, this one is in German, and the subtitles appear to be in Dutch, so my hopes of following the story are gone. Still, if the movie’s 3.6 rating on IMDB is any indication, it’s only a hair better than yesterday’s movie (which came in at 3.0). There’s some comic bits with undertakers, costume parties, midgets and blood banks. The story is by Brad Harris, who appeared in several sword-and-sandal movies as well as the Kommissar X series; he also plays the policeman in charge of the investigation, whose boss has one of the silliest widow’s peaks I’ve seen in a movie. The movie also features the last performance of Stephen Boyd, who appears as Dracula at the beginning of the movie. Only a handful of the gags are visual; the ones with the undertakers look somewhat amusing. Still, until I see an English language version, I’m going to reserve judgment.

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