The Boogeyman (1980)

Article 2976 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 7-1-2009
Posting Date: 10-7-2009
Directed by Ulli Lommel
Featuring Suzanna Love, Ron James, John Carradine
Country: USA

Two children, a boy and a girl, kill their mother’s lover. As adults, they are plagued by memories of the experience. The girl visits the house where the murder took place, and discovers the lover’s spirit in a mirror. She breaks the mirror and releases the spirit, unleashing a reign of terror.

I’ve not heard good things about Ulli Lommel’s directorial career after TENDERNESS OF THE WOLVES, and if this movie is any indication, I’m not surprised. The fact that the story doesn’t make much sense (it’s kind of a hodgepodge of slasher movies and rip-offs of THE OMEN and THE EXORCIST) isn’t necessarily fatal; the fact that the shock moments fall flat combined with the lifeless direction is. It’s pretty bad when the shock moments that are supposed to make you jump don’t even make you blink. It also doesn’t help that the murder scenes are more likely to inspire chortles than chills. John Carradine is on hand, and though he’s got a bigger role here than he did DEMON SEED (aka SATAN’S MISTRESS, not the Julie Christie movie), he’s still so divorced from the action that he might not have even been in the movie. And this is supposed to be one of the better of Lommel’s later horrors; if so, I definitely see some stinkers ahead.


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