Frankenstein ’80 (1972)

Article 2978 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 6-3-2009
Posting Date: 10-9-2009
Directed by Mario Mancini
Featuring John Richardson, Gordon Mitchell, Renato Romano
Country: Italy

Someone is killing, raping and mutilating people in the vicinity. Meanwhile, a doctor’s serum intended to prevent the rejection of transplanted organs is stolen. Could these crimes both have something to do with Dr. Frankenstein and his experiments in a secret lab?

Well, I like the presence of the familiar face of Gordon Mitchell here. I also like the name for the monster – Mosaic. As for the rest of the movie, this cheap, bloody, and exploitative update of the Frankenstein story goes a long way towards making FRANKENSTEIN 1970 look really good. Fans of sleazy exploitation might like this one best, though I suspect it might have its attractions for devotees of laughably bad dubbed dialogue or fans of special effects artist Carlo Rambaldi. The rest of us may want to be excused from having to watch this stinker.


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