Demon Seed (1982)

aka Satan’s Mistress, Dark Eyes
Article 2966 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 6-21-2009
Posting Date: 9-27-2009
Directed by James Polakof
Featuring Lana Wood, John Carradine, Tom Hallick
Country: USA

A woman whose marriage is on the rocks moves into a separate room from her husband and begins fantasizing about a ghost making love to her. However, it may not be a fantasy…

Lana Wood appears naked for several sections of this movie. I’m sure that’s enough to get some people running off to find copies of the movie; for those of us who don’t automatically think that makes for a great movie, this one bites. Oh, the soundtrack thinks it’s scary enough; the loud, annoying “scary” musical score is overbearing and non-stop. The story is practically impossible to follow, and much of the action is obscured by tiresome camera tricks that manage to utterly cloud what it is you think you might be seeing. Somewhere in this mess is an interesting idea about a lonely spirit making a deal with Satan for possession of a woman, but muddled story-telling, lousy direction and horrible editing destroy any chances of this one working. Those who might want to watch this one for John Carradine should be aware that he has about one minute of screen time. Still, I couldn’t help but think about Shakespeare’s “MacBeth” while watching this one; not the whole play, mind you, but the parts about “sound and fury signifying nothing” and “a tale told by an idiot” did come to mind.

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