Death Machines (1976)

Article 2921 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 5-7-2009
Posting Date: 8-12-2009
Directed by Paul Kyriazi
Featuring Ronald L. Marchini, Michael Chong, Joshua Johnson
Country: USA

An evil Oriental lady injects three martial artists with a drug that turns them into nearly indestructible assassins. Carnage ensues.

This movie starts out a martial arts / gangster flick with the killers knocking off rival hit men in order to force a gangster to use their services. It then turns into a “cop-who-doesn’t-play-by-the-rule” movies when one of the killers is captured by the police. It then turns into a BILLY JACK-style movie when one of the killers tries to defend an old couple when their restaurant is terrorized by a biker gang. Then it turns into love story when the only survivor of an attack on a karate school by the assassins falls in love with the nurse who tended him at the hospital. Then it remembers it’s an action flick with a final chase scene, a confrontation, and a twist ending. My piece of advice is this – don’t try to figure out the movie, it will only give you a headache. Final analysis – this is the type of movie that keeps fight choreographers busy when they’re not involved with real movies. And as for the actress playing the evil Oriental – if her talent was as big as her hair, she’d be Meryl Streep, and if her hair was as big as her talent, she’d be Sinead O’Connor.

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