Phantom Killer (1942)

Article 2878 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 3-25-2009
Posting Date: 6-30-2009
Directed by William Beaudine
Featuring Dick Purcell, Joan Woodbury, John Hamilton
Country: USA

An assistant D.A. is sure that several murders have been committed by a prominent citizen who is pretending to be a deaf-mute. However, the citizen has an alibi in which he was at public events at the time of the murders. Furthermore, it has been proven by doctors that the citizen is a deaf-mute, though witnesses to the murders claim that he can talk. What is the solution to this mystery?

If you’re familiar with THE SPHINX, and are aware that this movie is a remake of that one, you’ll know the solution. If you’re not, don’t worry; one of the characters gives away the solution to the mystery in one of the opening scenes, if you’re alert enough to catch it. There’s no phantom to speak of, so the only fantastic content is the implied doppelganger of the storyline. Overall, it’s a thoroughly ordinary poverty row mystery. At least one of the user comments on IMDB suggests you watch it for Mantan Moreland, but be aware that he has about one minute of screen time. This one is routine at best.


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