The Dracula Saga (1972)

aka La Saga de los Dracula
Article 2857 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 3-4-2009
Posting Date: 6-9-2009
Directed by Leon Klimovsky
Featuring Tina Sainz, Tony Isbert, Helga Line
Country: Spain

A pregnant woman arrives with her husband to the estate of her family. The husband is unaware that the woman he has married is the granddaughter of Dracula, who has been sent abroad to bring new life to a bloodline damaged by inbreeding.

I like movies that take an offbeat look at certain horror standards, and this cross between ROSEMARY’S BABY and a vampire movie fits the bill. It doesn’t quite work, though, and I think one reason is I’m never quite sure to what extent the granddaughter is aware of her lineage, and the ambiguity becomes a little maddening; at one point, I was wondering if I was getting the plot wrong and that the husband was Dracula’s grandson, because he seems to take everything that happens in stride. The movie is full of odd touches; the woman has a nightmare where she sees a monster with the face of a bat, and one of the most startling scenes in the movie happens when we discover that the woman’s unborn child is not the only descendant of Dracula who may have a claim to his throne. The movie is also surprisingly well dubbed into English, and most of the music is from Bach. The movie is probably at its weakest when it occasionally strays into a more conventional story (with suspicious villagers and the like). Still, for anyone who wants to see an unusual take on the Dracula legend, this one is worth checking out.

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