S.O.S. Invasion (1969)

S.O.S. INVASION (1969)
Article 2844 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 2-20-2009
Posting Date: 5-27-2009
Directed by Silvio F. Balbuena
Featuring Jack Taylor, Mara Cruz, Diana Sorel
Country: Spain

Earth is invaded by blonde female robots who raise the dead, or so they say.

Reportedly, this movie has some priceless hilarious dialogue in it. Since my print is in unsubtitled Spanish, I can’t confirm this. Nor can I really confirm the plot details listed above, except for the fact that there are lots of blonde women wandering about science-fiction-type hardware during several of the scenes. The Mediterranean locations and the beautiful women do add some visual enjoyment to the movie, but the plot is buried in the dialogue somewhere. All I can say is this, if there is an invasion going on (as the title seems to promise), then the laid-back acting and music, the dearth of action, and the lack of visual suspense make me suspect it’s not one the more urgent invasions on record. It does get a little exciting one minute before the end of the movie; at least it’s the first time that the characters really seem to act like something important is happening, but it only leads to one of those “The End?” endings. Ultimately, I have to withhold any real judgment on this one until I can view a subtitled or dubbed copy.


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