The Magic Slipper (1948)

Animated Short
Article 2763 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 11-30-2008
Posting Date: 3-7-2009
Directed by Mannie Davis
Voice cast unknown
Country: USA

Cinderella, through the help of her fairy godmother, is able to go to the ball to meet the prince. Complications arise when midnight strikes, and she must leave before the spell wears off. The prince must find the person whose foot fits the glass slipper left behind.

This is a Mighty Mouse cartoon. So where does Mighty Mouse fit into this? I was asking myself that for the first third of the cartoon, which is mostly a rehash of the Cinderella story. It’s only when the wolf shows up and steals the prince’s clothing in order to pursue Cinderella herself do you know where it’s really going. Mighty Mouse himself doesn’t show up until the final third of the cartoon. This one is fairly ordinary on all levels, though it is nice when we get to take a break from the operetta for a little jazz during the ball sequence.


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