Daughters of Satan (1972)

Article 2757 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 11-24-2008
Posting Date: 3-1-2009
Directed by Hollingsworth Morse
Featuring Tom Selleck, Barra Grant, Tani Guthrie
Country: USA / Philippines

A man buys a painting of three witches and a dog being burned because the witch in the middle resembles his wife. However, when two other women and a dog appear that resemble the ones in the painting, he begins to suspect something sinister is going on…

Sometimes just a few telling details set the tone for how you feel about the movie. In the opening scene, we see a woman being tortured by a witch wearing purple tights, something no self-respecting worshiper of Satan would be caught dead in. Shortly after that, I noticed that the antique dealer had the most ridiculous widow’s peak I’ve ever seen. Soon after that, a dog shows up with the number 666 on his collar. For some reason, these three events all struck me as supremely silly, and I was prepared to find the whole movie like that. Fortunately, it’s a little better than that; there’s some interesting events surrounding the painting, the score is quite good, and there are a number of curious scenes that give the movie an unusual edge (such as one where three women all regain their original personalities after a car accident occurs elsewhere). It’s still got plenty of flaws; the story proves to be quite cliched once you get down to it, the direction is utterly lifeless (I largely associate Hollingsworth Morse for having directed the Rocky Jones series, but if I ended up liking the series much more than I thought I would, it wasn’t for its direction), and I was disappointed by the blandness of Tom Selleck’s performance, an actor who I generally like. Overall, I thought the movie was a little better than its reputation (it has a 3.6 rating on IMDB), though it is fairly weak.

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