Beast of Blood (1971)

Article 2703 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-27-2008
Posting Date: 1-6-2009
Directed by Eddie Romero
Featuring John Ashley, Celeste Yarnall, Eddie Garcia
Country: Philippines/USA

Dr. Bill Foster returns to Blood Island to root out the evil of Dr. Lorca once and for all.

When I first started these Movies of the Day, I remember someone asking me if I was going to cover the Blood Island series directed by Eddie Romero and starring John Ashley, and I guaranteed I would. That was over seven years ago, and I honestly thought I would have covered at least one of them a lot earlier than this. Quite frankly, I was pretty curious about seeing them myself; I had vivid memories of seeing these movies on my local Creature Feature, and from this one, I clearly remembered the scene with the Chlorophyll monster (as he is popularly known), washing up on the beach (this was the first scene in the movie when I saw it, as the opening fight aboard the ship was cut), as well as the discovery of a worm-eaten corpse (which wasn’t near as grotesque on re-watching as I remembered it).

However, I didn’t remember the plot, and watching it again, I can see why. Despite some memorable horror moments, most of this movie is a tedious jungle adventure consisting of good guys and bad guys walking around in a jungle and shooting at each other. It is effective enough dishing out the grue, with the mad doctor keeping the monster’s head alive and separated from his body (why? It’s never explained), and some nasty operation scenes. However, this was the third film in the series (which means I’m starting at the wrong end), and I suspect the series was getting a little tired by this point; I’ve heard tell that the two previous movies are better. From what I hear, Al Adamson’s BRAIN OF BLOOD is mistakenly mentioned as part of this series.


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