Made for Love (1926)

Article 2699 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-21-2008
Posting Date: 1-2-2009
Directed by Paul Sloane
Featuring Leatrice Joy, Edmund Burns, Ethel Wales
Country: USA

A woman finds herself frustrated by her archaeologist fiance’s obsession with his job. She becomes embroiled with a local prince, who is secretly plotting to murder the archaeologist before he can break into the inner chamber of a tomb (which the prince has been secretly rifling for riches).

The fantastic content of this movie is that there is a curse on the tomb. So how does this play into the plot? Well, if you buy into the movie, lots. However, if, like me, you notice that most of the misfortune attributed to the curse can easily be explained by the stupidity and evil of certain characters rather than by any supernatural manifestation, then you might be wondering why you are wasting your time with what is essentially a romance (as if you couldn’t tell by the title). You know what a romance is, don’t you? It’s a movie where two characters who love each other act with monumental stupidity for the first ninety percent of the movie, and only reach a happy ending by regaining normal intelligence in the last reel. Sure, I can understand a man being too distracted by his job to pay sufficient attention to his fiancee, but not when most of that distraction involves staring at a vase for hours on end. Still, the lovers aren’t as thick-headed as the three would-be comic relief suitors who follow the fiancee around in the vain hope of winning her hand; really, if I were trying to win a woman, I would choose a better method than forming a comedy team with two other men trying to win her, because I’d know that any other suitor that came along would end up with a definite advantage. By the way, that’s Brandon Hurst as the pharoah in the flashback.


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