Superzan y el nino del espacio (1973)

aka Superzan and the Space Boy
Article 2689 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-7-2008
Posting Date: 12-23-2008
Directed by Rafael Lanuza
Featuring Superzan, Caro Laniesti, Claudio Lanuza
Country: Mexico

A boy from space comes to Earth to share his knowledge, but he meets an evil scientist who plans to use the knowledge to his own ends. Only Mexican superhero Superzan can save the day.

Here’s more Mexican wrestling madness for your enjoyment. Unfortunately, Superzan was not a successful wrestler, and, as a result, there is no wrestling footage here to pad out the movie. The name is a cross between Superman and Tarzan, and the character is something of a low-rent version of the former; he has the ability to fly and to survive being run over by a car. My copy of this is in undubbed unsubtitled Spanish, but it should have been easy to dub; the boy from space (and any of the other characters from space) are able to communicate telepathically, so you get lots of voices with no lips moving, and it would have been a cinch to dub. I’m just curious about just what the machine does to humans; they gain the ability to use telepathy, but have to wear the same type of silly outfit as the boy does. According to IMDB, this movie runs more than two hours long, and my copy is only 77 minutes; however, I suspect that IMDB is wrong, as I know of no other Mexican wrestling movies that ran that long. Superzan also has one of the flashiest costumes of any of the Mexican wrestlers. Still, this is the usual type of stuff you expect from the form.



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