The Strangler of Blackmoor Castle (1963)

aka Der Wurger von Schloss Blackmoor
Article 2668 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 8-12-2008
Posting Date: 12-2-2008
Directed by Harold Reinl
Featuring Karin Dor, Harry Riebauer, Rudolf Fernau
Country: West Germany

The tenant of Blackmoor castle finds himself terrorized by a hooded killer who strangles and decapitates his victims. The killer knows that the tenant was responsible for the death of another man and the theft of diamonds.

It’s krimi time again, and this is a good one. Like most krimis, it gets confusing during the middle section and it has too many characters, but the musical score is unique and effective, the comic relief (a Scottish landlord) is fairly decent, and it’s full of effective touches and scenes. Of the latter, I quite like the Toby-Damnit-style murder of the motorcyclist, the scene where we discover where the diamonds are hidden (it’s a wonderful hiding place), the scene where the tenant’s manic assistant threatens someone with his diamond drill, and a great climax in the swamp. Once again, it helps to know in advance that krimis are not really horror movies, but crime movies with horror elements, and I think this is one where the horror elements are quite strong. And I must admit to having been quite surprised by the identity of the murderer. For my money, this is one of the better krimis out there.



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