Liquid Dreams (1991)

Article 2600 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 5-18-2008
Posting Date: 9-25-2998
Directed by Mark S. Manos
Featuring Candice Daly, Richard Steinmetz, Juan Fernandez
Country: USA

In the future, a woman comes from Kansas to the big city to move in with her sister. She finds her sister dead, and learns that she was working for an organization that specializes in erotic dancing and videos. She hooks up with a cop and decides to work undercover, joining the organization as a dancer to get to the truth.

Here we are taking another anomalous leap into the nineties with what the video box describes as a “futuristic erotic thriller”. Well, it seems to be futuristic enough. As for erotic, I’ve always believed that one man’s erotic fantasy is another man’s consummate silliness, and if you find MTV-style editing, garish nightclub milieus, bizarre costumes, throbbing robotic techno beats, and “sex is power” messages to be your cup of tea, this might be the movie for you. As for the thriller part, I can only say that the more things change, the more they remain the same; despite all the modern trappings, what we have here is just an old-fashioned mad scientist story. It holds the interest well enough in some respects what with the curiosity value of finding out what’s going on and the presence of such performers as Paul Bartel (who has a great cameo) and John Waters veteran Mink Stole. But for its premise, I found it pretty tame, it has some singularly bad cussing and questionable performances, and the “let’s kill everyone off because it’s the end of the movie” ending makes it hard to take seriously.


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