Children of the Full Moon / Visitors from the Grave (1980)

Article 2554 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 4-2-2008
Posting Date: 8-9-2008
Directed by Tom Clegg and Peter Sasdy
Featuring Christopher Cazenove, Celia Gregory, Diana Dors
Country: UK

Two tales of terror; in the first, a young couple find themselves stranded at an isolated manor that is menaced by a werewolf; in the second, a woman kills an attempted rapist and is then haunted by his vengeful spirit.

Sometimes I don’t know if I’m stretching the rules or not; the John Stanley book lists the first title, which is an episode of the TV series “Hammer House of Horror”, and mentions that it was released on a tape hosted by Elvira that also includes another episode, “Visitor from the Grave”. Whether the two episodes were edited together to appear to be a single feature, I don’t know, and I was unable to locate the tape release in question. So, to emulate the experience, I watched the two episodes back to back from the recent “Hammer House of Horrors” series release, and experienced them that way. If I’m stretching the rules here…well, that’s my prerogative.

From these two episodes, I get the sense that the TV show was pretty ordinary; neither episode did much for me. Still, when I do a ratings comparison on IMDB, I notice that these two episodes hover near the bottom of the list, so I should probably reserve judgment. The first episode manages to dredge up a couple of twists to the werewolf myths, but it doesn’t really save it from being rather predictable; nor do I understand why the husband was left alive and allowed to return home half-way through the story; wouldn’t it have been a lot safer for the werewolves to finish him off on the spot? Still, it’s better than the other episode; the minute I noticed that the “wife” (I’m not sure the couple were married, hence the quotes) was a rich basket-case given to hysterics and the “husband” was a bit of an insensitive jerk, I knew (and didn’t care for) exactly where it was going, and sure enough, I was right, and the addition of a second twist at the end only made it dumber.

Once again, I don’t appear to have caught the show at its best. Maybe other episodes will give me a better impression of this series.


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