The Witch (1906)

THE WITCH (1906)
aka La Fee Carabosse ou le poignard fatal
Article 2539 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 3-18-2008
Posting Date: 7-25-2008
Directed by Georges Melies
Featuring Georges Melies
Country: France

A young prince tricks a witch out of a shamrock in his hopes of using it to save a princess. He sets out on his task, only to find the witch in hot pursuit.

This is a somewhat unsatisfying Melies short, largely because I think the witch really got the bad end of the deal and wish she had emerged victorious. Still, the hand coloring is wonderful here, and the moment where the prince finds himself threatened by a number of fierce beasties (a giant frog, a giant owl, and a fire-breathing dragon that looks a little too much like THE GIANT CLAW) is a lot of fun. This film was commissioned by a furniture store to provide entertainment for children while their parents shopped.


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