Games (1967)

GAMES (1967)
Article 2508 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 2-15-2008
Posting Date: 6-24-2008
Directed by Curtis Harrington
Featuring Simone Signoret, James Caan, Katharine Ross
Country: USA

A young couple given to games and practical jokes takes in an older ailing foreign woman who has been reduced to selling household goods from door to door. The older woman, who has a penchant for mysticism, encourages them to take part in more daring, dangerous games. One of these backfires when the husband accidentally kills a delivery boy with a gun he thought was loaded with blanks. The couple covers up the murder, but then the wife begins to see the ghost of the delivery boy.

Sometimes casting itself can give away quite a lot of a movie. Simone Signoret is a respected actress with a long career, but she is most famous for one very specific and very popular movie, and if that should occur to you while watching this one, you’ll be well prepared for the directions this one will go. Furthermore, the title itself should give you a clue that you shouldn’t take too much at face value here. These types of movies can be fun; it’s an enjoyable diversion trying to figure out who is in charge, who is being manipulated, and who thinks they are in on the game but turn out to be only pawns. This one is quite satisfying, but you won’t be the least bit surprised at who comes out on top at the end of the movie. This is probably Harrington’s best and most effective movie as a director.


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