Blue Demon contra las diabolicas (1968)

aka Blue Demon Vs. the Diabolical Women
Article 2478 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 1-16-2008
Posting Date: 5-25-2008
Directed by Chano Urueta
Featuring David Reynoso, Ana Martin, Alejandro Munoz Moreno
Country: Mexico

Blue Demon must catch a gang of crooks. He must also contend with a murderer who wears a Blue Demon costume when he attacks women.

This was the first color Blue Demon movie, and it feels like a companion piece to the one I covered a little while ago, BLUE DEMON CONTRA CEREBROS INFERNALES. Same wrestling hero, same garish colors, same snazzy nightclub, same band with the thyroidal trumpet, same lack of English dubbing. With the latter condition, it is, of course, hard to follow, and you’ll probably be scratching your head wondering where the diabolical women are; the bad guys all look like men. Of course, there’s the ringleader, whose back is always turned away from us; and once you notice that the boss’s voice changing during the course of the movie, you’ll figure out the final revelation – that is, if the title didn’t give it away. Of course, with a sham Blue Demon wandering around, you know you’re going to have a fight between them at some point where you can’t tell one from the other, and sure enough, there is one; the only surprise is that it’s actually in the wrestling ring. However, the fantastic content seems particularly lacking in this one, unless some of Blue Demon’s gizmos move it into the realm of marginal science fiction. Personally, I found the follow-up movie mentioned above to be more fun.



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