Blue Demon contra cerebros infernales (1968)

aka Blue Demon vs. the Infernal Brains

Article 2471 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 1-7-2008
Posting Date: 5-18-2008
Directed by Chano Urueta
Featuring David Reynoso, Ana Martin, Noe Murayama
Country: Mexico

Mad scientists are removing the brains of non-mad scientists, putting new brains in their heads, and turning them into zombies. Mexican wrestler Blue Demon must prevent this.

Let’s define our terms.


BLUE DEMON – heroic Mexican wrestler. You can’t have a Mexican Wrestling Movie without one.

MASK – What heroic Mexican wrestlers wear. Blue Demon’s is blue. As if you couldn’t guess.

BEAT UP BAD GUYS – What heroic Mexican wrestlers do in these movies.

WRESTLE – What heroic Mexican wrestlers do in these movies when they aren’t advancing the plot.

WRESTLING SCENES – What happens in this movie when the plot isn’t being advanced.

SINGING AND DANCING SCENES – What happens in this movie when the plot isn’t being advanced and the heroic Mexican wrestler is in the bathroom.

BRIGHT COLORS – What you’ll see lots of if you see my copy of this movie. Honestly, this is one of the most colorful Mexican wrestling movies I’ve ever scene.

THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE – What you won’t get any of if you see my copy of this movie. In short, undubbed Spanish.

BAD SPECIAL EFFECTS – What you’ll get during the scenes where brains are being removed and inserted.

BRAINS – What the bad guys are taking out of and putting into the scientists’ heads.

SCIENTISTS’ FOREHEADS – What the bad guys will press their disembodied brains against when they’re trying to give the illusion they’re putting brains back into the scientists when it’s obvious the scientists’ heads are fully intact. See BAD SPECIAL EFFECTS.

SEXY GO-GO DANCERS – What the bad guys’ female robots look like.

JANITORS – What the bad guys’ male robots look like.

SEXY GO-GO DANCERS WITH PARALYZING GUNS – What the referees miss when they’re trying to manage one of those wrestling scenes.

TRUMPET WITH SEVERE NECK STRAIN – What is played by the band during the Singing and Dancing scenes.

MINISKIRTS – What is worn by the females during the dancing scenes.

BLUE CAPE AND TIGHTS – What Blue Demon wears all the time.

LAME EXCUSE FOR A REVIEW – What you’ve just read.



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