La marca del muerto (1961)

aka The Mark of Death
Article 2465 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 1-1-2008
Posting Date: 5-12-2008
Directed by Fernando Cortes
Featuring Fernando Casanova, Sonio Furio, Rosa Maria Gallardo
Country: Mexico

A mad scientist is executed because of his hideous experiments with immortality (which involve draining the blood of young women). Years later, his descendant discovers his experiments and resurrects him, thus reviving the old horrors.

It’s pretty sad. This movie is sitting on IMDB with a rating of 1.5. I get the sense that they’re not reviewing this movie per se, but the Jerry Warren re-edit known as CREATURE OF THE WALKING DEAD. This is understandable when the same listing serves for both movies (as it used to), but now IMDB has separate listings for both movies. To make it all the more embarrassing is that CREATURE OF THE WALKING DEAD is sitting with a 1.6 rating, which is even higher. I don’t care what anyone says; I find it beyond the pale to consider the possibility that Jerry Warren actually improved a movie by editing it into one of his snoozefests.

Not that this one is a classic; it’s moody, but utterly predictable. However, that very predictability is helpful when you consider that I’m watching an undubbed, unsubtitled version of this Mexican movie; with such a predictable plot, it’s easy as pie to follow. Still, the real question here is; what is the better way to watch this movie – in Jerry Warren’s edited version, or in a version in a language you can’t understand. The latter wins hand down; when you get to a scene you don’t understand, at least it doesn’t break the mood and the pace. When you get to one of Jerry Warren’s inserts, not only is the mood broken but you can’t understand what he’s talking about anyway, even if it is in English. You should only go for CREATURE OF THE WALKING DEAD over this one if you really want to see Bruno VeSota get a massage. Doesn’t that say it all right there?


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