The Touch of Satan (1971)

Article 2424 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 11-15-2007
Posting Date: 4-1-2008
Directed by Don Henderson
Featuring Michael Berry, Emby Mellay, Lee Amber

A wandering young man encounters a beautiful woman in the country. He doesn’t know that she is a witch, and that the ancient woman who lives with her is a) her sister, and b) a homicidal maniac.

This movie has occasional interesting visual and story touches, and it could have made for a decent thriller. Unfortunately, the script is pretty weak with several awful lines of dialogue, and the turgid pace and poor acting turn the movie into a dreary, dismal experience. The cast is mostly made up of unknowns who would remain that way, but the director (here working under the nom de plume of Don Henderson) would go on to a certain degree of fame as the star and director of the “Billy Jack” movies.

**NOTE** The Tom Laughlin mention is in error; the movie was actually directed by someone named Don Henderson and not Laughlin at all.



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