Revenge of the Stepford Wives (1980)

Article 2407 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 10-29-2007
Posting Date: 3-15-2008
Directed by Robert Fuest
Featuring Sharon Gless, Julie Kavner, Audra Lindley

A female reporter comes to the town of Stepford to find out why the crime and divorce rate is so low there. She finds that most of the women in the town act like vapid housewives. She begins to discover the town’s dreadful secret…

I never warmed up to the original movie , and one of the major reasons why is that I could never believe that the vapid housework-obsessed frilly-clothes-dressed women of the town actually passed for the ideal woman; I’d be crawling the walls after ten minutes dealing with one of them. This sequel, which spends half of its time recycling the original and the other half of its time undermining the original (by dint of coming up with a different explanation of how the wives are created), does nothing to make it more convincing. It’s hard to believe this dull, lifeless movie was directed by Robert Fuest, whose movies usually have at least some stylistic pizazz to them. The reason they change the Stepford mythology around is simple; it’s to set up the final scenes of the movie, which you can anticipate if you take the time to read the title of the movie. Still, there are at least a couple things I found of interest here; one is the Mason Adams character, who demonstrates that having a Stepford Wife is not all it’s cracked up to be. The other is that the villain of the piece does get a fitting comeuppance, especially if you consider that he is the one who probably decided that all the Stepford women needed to wear those uncomfortable-looking high heels all the time. The cast also features a pre-“Miami Vice” Don Johnson.


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