Nocturna (1979)

Article 2394 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 10-16-2007
Posting Date: 3-2-2008
Directed by Harry Hurwitz
Featuring Yvonne De Carlo, John Carradine, Nai Bonet

Dracula’s granddaughter Nocturna falls in love with a guitarist (who plays disco music) whom she meets in her grandfather’s castle-turned-nightclub (which features disco music) in Transylvania. She follows him to New York (where they have disco music) and attempts to deny her vampire heritage (by dancing to disco music). Dracula comes to New York to find her dancing to disco music.

If anyone out there cringed when they saw John Carradine reprising his role of Dracula in BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA , then just wait until you see him reprising it here in what can only be described as a vampire disco sex comedy. Here are some of the things you can see in this movie.

1) John Carradine saying a line where he mentions a walrus; it’s probably the best line in the movie.

2) John Carradine and Yvonne De Carlo shacking up together in the same coffin.

3) Yvonne De Carlo, looking every one of her fifty-seven years of age, playing a vampiress named Jugula.

4) A scene of the granddaughter walking down a street in New York saying how much she loves the place while disco music plays.

5) The granddaughter dancing while disco music plays.

6) The granddaughter making love to her new boyfriend while disco music plays.

7) The granddaughter seeing herself in a mirror for the first time while disco music plays.

8) The granddaughter visiting a disco while – you guess.

9) Vampire transformation performed through the magic of very low budget animation.

10) John Carradine putting in his fang dentures.

Fortunately, here are some things you won’t see.

1) Any love scenes between De Carlo and Carradine.

2) De Carlo and Carradine boogieing on the dance floor while disco music plays (though it comes awful close).

Outside of the walrus line, the best moments in this movie have to do with a meeting of the BSA (Blood Suckers Association) in which several New York vampires talk about the problems of being vampires in the big city. The worst moments occur whenever the third-billed Nai Bonet (who plays the title character) opens her mouth; she is one of the lousiest actresses I’ve ever seen. And as for her dancing, she’s upstaged by her own costumes.

Oh, and did I mention the disco music? Did I mention it so much you got sick of it? Did I mention how much I got sick of it during the movie? I only plan to watch this movie again when I’m at my most masochistic.


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