The Flying Saucer Mystery (1950)

Article 2374 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-25-2007
Posting Date: 2-11-2008
Director and Cast Unknown

A documentary on flying saucers.

This is perhaps the earliest documentary about flying saucers. It’s pretty bare bones; we see some pictures of UFOs, we hear commentary from several people, several explanations are tendered, it is pointed out that some of the sightings can’t be explained by those explanations, and it concludes that the mystery is still a mystery. More footage and photographs and fewer talking heads (many of which have aerodynamically sound ears) would have helped. The most interesting moment has a scientist recreating the phenomenon that he believes is responsible for many of the sightings. Fortunately, since the whole movie is ten minutes long, it doesn’t last long enough to get dull.



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