Kiss Me, Monster (1969)

aka Kuss mich, Monster
Article 2366 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-17-2007
Posting Date: 2-3-2008
Directed by Jesus Franco
Featuring Janice Reynaud, Rosanna Yanni, Adrian Hoven

Two girl detectives embark on a mission to find the secret formula of a doctor that can be used to create life.

I don’t think I’ve run into any comedies so far in my inadvertent exploration of the oeuvre of Jess Franco, but that’s what this movie appears to be. I also don’t think I can make any judgment on how effective Franco is at handling comedy; the print I have of this movie suffers from horrendous dubbing compounded by what appears to be a perfectly awful translation; every line sounds forced, awkward and unnatural, and the overall feel I had from watching this movie was that of having to follow a string of rather dull non sequiturs. Still, the odd joke comes through, and I do like the clever bit in which a windmill is used like a combination lock. Outside of that, the movie largely seems to demonstrate to me that Franco and I are on thoroughly different wavelengths as to what movies should be like, but I’ve suspected that for some time.


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