The Monster of London City (1964)

aka Das Ungeheuer von London City
Article 2353 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-4-2007
Posting Date: 1-21-2008
Directed by Edwin Zbonek
Featuring Hansjorg Felmy, Marianne Koch, Dietmar Schonherr

A new Jack the Ripper is loose in London, and the prime suspect for the police is an actor who is playing the role of Jack the Ripper in a stage production.

You know, I try to cut these krimi some slack; though they are often confusing and frustrating, they also usually have some good moments in them to compensate. This one is really no different; there are some good moments here, especially towards the end of the movie. However, the confusion and repetitiveness of this one really started to wear on me; I really got tired of the tiresome police investigation (where they always take the time to tell you that this new murder is just like all the others) and the unfunny comic relief couple who set out to catch the Ripper on their own. My problem a lot of the time is the editing; scenes seem to occur in random order, and you have to keep adjusting to figure out which facet of the plot they’re currently on, only to find there’s usually not much happening in this part of the story anyway. Bad dubbing and a dull music score also don’t help. In short, the movie doesn’t generate much in the way of suspense, which is a shame; there’s enough of a story here to make for an entertaining movie if only the presentation were up to par.


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