The Ghosts of Yotsuya (1959)

aka Tokaido Yotsuya kaidan
Article 2349 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 8-31-2007
Posting Date: 1-17-2008
Directed by Nobuo Nakagawa
Featuring Shigeru Amachi, Noriko Kitazawa, Shinjiro Asano

A married but poor samurai is tempted into leaving his current wife to marry the daughter of a rich lord. His greedy mother forces him into a plot to kill his wife. However, the dead wife has a desire for revenge…

This movie has a 7.6 rating on IMDB at the time of this writing, which indicates that this movie has a strong following. For me, the movie has one real problem; it’s a little too slow out of the gate, largely due to the fact that the backstory is a too elaborate and involved, and you’re a good ways into the movie before the plot to murder the wife is even thought up. It’s not that the backstory is bad; it’s actually interesting enough, and it plays a role in the thoroughness of the revenge to come; it’s just that there’s too much of it. However, once the murder goes into effect, the movie really shifts into high, and the scary visuals as well as the cleverness of the ghosts’ revenge (they are able to appear before their victims in place of the people they are actually talking to) really bring this to life. Director Nobuo Nakagawa has several ghost and horror stories to his credit, though this is the only one I’ve seen so far.


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