2002: The Rape of Eden (1994)

2002: THE RAPE OF EDEN (1994)
aka Bounty Hunter 2002
Article 2320 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 8-2-2007
Posting Date: 12-19-2007
Directed by Sam Auster
Featuring Phil Nordell, Francine Lapensee, Jeff Conaway

After the apocalypse (a plague this time), the most valuable commodity is an uninfected woman (known as a virgin), which are in short supply. A bounty hunter is assigned to find one by his Japanese employers, but she proves to be a fairly tough customer.

Here we are with another anomalous jump into the nineties. And here we are once again after the apocalypse. You know the kind; the ones where everybody lives in a desert, but they have plenty and guns, gas and ammunition and, despite the fact that there is now plenty of elbow room out there, people are desperately killing each other off like there’s no tomorrow. Still, you have to wonder just how bad the apocalypse was when the main character dreams of retiring from bounty hunting so he can play golf. This brings us around to the movie’s sole redeeming feature; it manages to have a sense of humor. It really doesn’t save the movie, which is a cheaply made, violent, badly-written, sometimes arty, sometimes unpleasant, sometimes idiotic compendium of badly-acted after-the-apocalypse cliches, but it does offer a bit of respite, which is something anyway. If you’re trying to watch every after-the-apocalypse movie ever made, I can safely recommend you keep this one fairly low on the list.



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