Of Stars and Men (1964)

Article 2243 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 5-7-2007
Posting Date: 10-3-2007
Directed by John Hubley
Featuring the voices of Dr. Harlow Shapley, Mark Hubley, Ray Hubley

After being granted a crown by a lion, a man investigates his place in the universe.

This movie was based on a book of scientific philosophy by Dr. Harlow Shapley, and there’s something quite audacious in the attempt to even do such a thing. It’s not a complete success; it can’t help but be a little dry and dull at times. Nevertheless, it’s successful enough to be worth watching; it combines whimsical animation with classical music, and occasionally uses narration and abstract visuals to discuss the concepts of space, time, matter, energy, and whether life exists on other planets. It does manage to leave you pondering on how man fits into the universe, which is one of its goals. The framing story of man receiving the crown from the former King of Beasts (the lion) serves as an effective metaphor for the search, and the most effective moment in the movie is when man finally figures out what to do with that crown. I found the movie unique, likable and effective.



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