The Toy Box (1971)

THE TOY BOX (1971)
Article 2198 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 3-23-2007
Posting Date: 8-19-2007
Directed by Ronald Victor Garcia
Featuring Sean Kenney, Ann Myers, Neal Bishop

A depraved man known as Uncle has been hosting parties where guests perform sex acts and are paid for their performances via a chest known as the Toy Box. However, this time Uncle is dead, but the party is still going on and the acts are performed before his slightly animated dead body. Then dead bodies start showing up…

I only cover sex movies when they have some fantastic content, but usually it’s only for the sake of comprehensiveness; usually, the fantastic content is only a lame framing device for the sex scenes. This is one of the exceptions; the revelations concerning Uncle are more interesting than usual, and the horror elements eventually evolve into some offbeat science fiction elements as well. Still, the movie primarily exists for the sex scenes, but the fantastic and horrific themes occasionally play interesting roles in the proceedings; I had to admit that the scene where a woman is seduced by her own bed was quite unusual. It’s pretty cheap (there are a lot of scenes that were unconvincingly dubbed after the fact, and there isn’t even one single exterior shot of Uncle’s home, which might have given us a sense of location), and the orgy scenes get pretty tiresome after a bit, but for this type of movie, I found it more interesting than usual.


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