Miracle in the Rain (1956)

Article 2175 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 2-28-2007
Posting Date: 7-27-2007
Directed by Rudolph Mate
Featuring Jane Wyman, Van Johnson, Peggie Castle

A woman who works at a shoe company meets and falls in love with a soldier. His regiment is then sent out to the front, and then….

Yes, there is fantastic content in this movie, but the titular miracle doesn’t occur until the final moments of the movie, and, truth be told, it’s not particularly surprising. As for the movie as a whole – well, let’s just say that one of the main reasons I’m doing this whole series of write-ups on fantastic movies is that I’m into monsters, aliens, strange creatures, etc. This is not the type of movie I’m watching them for; this is, in essence, a soggy hanky movie (you know, one of those movies where people go in with dry hankies and come out with soggy ones) with a bit of religious inspiration on the side. It’s well directed and solidly acted; Jane Wyman is always very good in this type of role, and I also quite liked Eileen Heckart as Jane’s decidedly unglamorous buddy. My problem is that it just doesn’t transcend its tearjerker status, and, given the fact that the fantastic event at the movie smacks of cliche, I really didn’t care for it, especially when several storylines never get adaquately resolved, including the survival of a major character and the ultimate fate of our heroine’s estranged parents.

Time to move on…


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