The Beast That Killed Women (1965)

Article 2123 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 1-7-2007
Posting Date: 6-5-2007
Directed by Barry Mahon
Featuring Juliet Anderson, Janet Banzet, Darlene Bennett

A gorilla is on the loose in a nudist camp. Mayhem and bouncing abound.

For some reason the original review I wrote of this one vanished from the source I kept it. In some cases when this happen, I watch the movie again and write a new review. Sometimes, I just go by memory and write a new review. I’ve chosen the latter in this case; I remember it just enough that I find little reason to bother watching it again.

I recall that the cast in the movie was said to consist of “the most beautiful nudists in Florida”; these may not be the exact words, but I’m pretty sure that’s the gist of it. I’ll have to take their word for it; I don’t have firsthand knowledge of the nudists in Florida to make any disagreement. Still, the very fact that they announced the cast this way should be enough to tell you that this is essentially a nudie, and the Beast (a man in a crummy ape suit) is disposable. Barry Mahon himself appears in the movie; if he’s one of the nudists, I don’t want to know. Perhaps the most impressive thing is how you can have a cast mostly of naked people and still manage to avoid full frontal nudity, but the trick is simple; if the person is totally nude, they have their back to you; if they’re wearing some sort of underwear, they’re facing you. Of course, a well-positioned camera is essential as well, and shrubbery proves quite useful. I’m tempted to dismiss the movie by saying that there’s nothing worthwhile to see here, but somehow, that isn’t quite what I mean.



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