The Next Victim (1976)

Article 2115 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 12-30-2006
Posting Date: 5-28-2007
Directed by James Ormond
Featuring Carroll Baker, T.P. McKenna, Ronald Lacey

A woman confined to a wheelchair fears that she has become the target of serial killer.

Though it is classified as a movie in some quarters, this is actually another episode of a British television series called “Thriller”. This is the third one of these I’ve seen, and I liked it better than the other two, but that may be because my expectations are a lot lower; the other two episodes I saw thoroughly underwhelmed me. If I liked this one better, it is only because it did a little better job of working the suspense; it isn’t for the overly familiar story, because at the five minute mark I had a good idea where ninety percent of the movie would be going, and at the twenty minute mark, I figured out what the final twist was going to be. I think the main problem I’ve had with the series overall is that the episodes are just too long; at 65 minutes each, they feel slow and padded, whereas if they were only about thirty minutes, they could have been quicker and more streamlined. I’m probably going to see only a handful of these (from what I’ve seen so far, it’ll be those episodes with psycho killers) as I suspect that most of them have little in the way of fantastic elements to them.


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