Disciple of Death (1972)

Article 2050 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 10-25-2006
Posting Date: 3-24-2007
Directed by Tom Parkinson
Featuring Mike Raven, Ronald Lacey, Stephen Bradley

Two lovers make a blood vow near the grave of a suicide, and accidentally resurrect him. He is now a vampire and a Satanist.

All the best moments of this movie come in the last thirty minutes; it is here that the movie shows a modicum of wit, displays a certain creativity in coming up with a new monster mythology, actually gives a hint of the fairy-tale feel that the opening of the movie seems to promise, and it manages to dredge up a bit of energy. If this sounds like damning with faint praise, it is; when it comes right down to it, the last thirty minutes of the movie are really not that good. However, it’s worlds better than the first hour of the movie, which may be the single dullest cinematic stretch I’ve encountered this side of a Jerry Warren film; it could be more accurately renamed DISCIPLE OF SNORES. About the only point of interest I found in in this part of the movie was the presence of Louise Jameson, who would become known for playing Leela on “Doctor Who”. For the most part, it’s just an uninteresting variation on “Dracula”, and even if it does have a handful of nice touches near the end, that’s hardly enough to recommend it. The perfect insomnia cure.


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