Dark Dreams (1971)

Article 2042 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 10-17-2006
Posting Date: 3-16-2007
Directed by Robert Guermontes
Featuring Harry Reems, Tina Russell, Arlana Blue

Two newlyweds have a flat tire while on their way to their honeymoon. They stop at a house for help, unaware that the old woman is a witch. She drugs their tea, and then…well, it is an adult film.

When I decided that I was going to be as comprehensive as I could be with this Movie of the Day project, I knew that the day would come when I was going to encounter that area where fantastic cinema meets adult cinema. My main wish is that that day hadn’t blindsided me; the guide that lists this movie makes it sound little more than a dullish witch-and-coven movie, and makes no mention of its primary focus. Still, it didn’t take me long to figure out once I started seeing scenes that even the most explicit movies I’d seen for this series to date had left to the imagination. Well, be that as it may, here we are, so let’s deal with it.

As far as the fantastic content of this movie goes, I’m not the least bit surprised that what content there is exists merely as a springboard for the movie’s other concerns, so if you’re hoping to learn something about witches and covens, look elsewhere. It also goes without saying that the movie is not the least bit scary. On its own terms, I will only say that it makes more creative use of sound than I would have expected in a movie of this ilk. Other than that, the movie is pretty much what you’d expect.

Let’s move on to the next movie, shall we?


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