Invasion of the Body Stealers (1969)

Article 2040 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 10-15-2006
Posting Date: 3-14-2007
Directed by Gerry Levy
Featuring George Sanders, Maurice Evans, Patrick Allen

When military skydivers begin vanishing in midair during drops, an investigator is called in to find out why.

I like a movie that opens with a solid mystery, and this one certainly does that. Still, there’s really not a lot in the way of surprises in the revelations that occur, especially as the title of my copy and the tagline (“Can the Earth survive against aliens from outer space?”) make it all too clear who the culprit will be. The acting is solid, and the story is fairly entertaining, but it’s indifferently directed, and I don’t care for some of the touches, such as trying to add some James-Bond style touches to the main character and the fact that the score carries on like you’re being treated to nerve-shattering horror on occasion. As the story progresses, it just becomes more obvious and disappointing. It’s watchable but ultimately forgettable.


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