Panther Girl of the Congo (1955)

Article 2026 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 10-1-2006
Posting Date: 2-28-2007
Directed by Franklin Adreon
Featuring Phyllis Coates, Myron Healey, Arthur Space

A female photographer contacts an adventurer to help her find the evidence she needs to prove to the authorities the existence of giant crawfish monsters terrorizing a jungle village. However, two hunters in the hire of an evil chemist try to prevent them from doing so, in the hopes of scaring away the natives so they can work a diamond mine.

When I covered the feature version of this serial (THE CLAW MONSTERS), I think I mentioned that any fondness I had for this one was that it actually supplied monsters, a rarity in serials. Having seen the whole thing, I feel no different; I like the monsters simply because I like monsters, even when they’re pretty lame (as these are). As for the rest of it, it mostly consists of tepid cliffhangers, footage from the Nyoka serials, and dull storylines. This was one of the last of the Republic serials, and the form was on its last legs. I only regret that Republic never saw its way towards incorporating monsters into its serials while they were still in their prime.


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