La cabeza de Pancho Villa (1957)

Article 2009 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-14-2006
Posting Date: 2-11-2007
Directed by Chano Urueta
Featuring Luis Aguilar, Flor Silvestre, Jaime Fernandez

A singing cowboy and his comic-relief sidekick encounter a black-hooded cult which seems interested in a box that is large enough to contain the head of Pancho Villa.

Yes, it’s the fourth unsubtitled and undubbed Mexican movie I’ve seen in a row, and this will happen sometimes; since I order several movies at once, and since you have to go to specialty sites to find these movies, I’m likely to end up reviewing several in a row. The odd thing about this group is that the first three seemed quite different from most of the Mexican movies I’ve seen to date; this one, however, is much more what I’ve come to expect from a Mexican horror movie. It is also fairly impenetrable; I think some of the plot is explained in narration that I can’t understand. It’s a horror western with a singing cowboy, a comic sidekick, a grave-robbing sequence, a mysterious head-sized box, a black hooded cult, an execution device that involves an electric chair attached to a lightning rod, a ghostly long-haired figure, skeletons in a swamp, and a man clad in white who wears a black hood over his head that makes him look like a headless person when he stands against the right background. Though it is possible to laugh about that last special effect, I do think it works better than the long-torso outfits used in other headless man movies. It’s something of a hodge-podge, and I suspect that, if I knew what was going on, that this one would be pretty weak, though still better than SWAMP OF THE LOST MONSTER .

Starting tomorrow, back to movies in English!


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