Der Andere (1913)

Article 1988 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 8-24-2006
Posting Date: 1-21-2007
Directed by Max Mack
Featuring Albert Bassermann, Emmerich Hanus, Nelly Ridon

After an accident riding a horse, a man develops a split personality. He discovers this when his alternate personality helps a criminal to rob his own house.

My copy of this silent movie has no soundtrack, and all the title cards are in German. However, having had a little German in high school, I was able to figure out enough information to follow the plot. It’s not strictly a horror movie, though split personalities can lend themselves to a horror interpretation. It’s more of a drama, as the main character eventually comes to realize that he is living a double life. Exactly how he solves his problem is still a little elusive to me, but I did find this short entertaining enough to hold my interest, and it was good to discover that prints of this movie (which has been sitting on my hunt list for quite some time) do exist.



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