El terrible gigante de las nieves (1962)

Article 1979 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 8-15-2006
Posting Date: 1-12-2007
Directed by Jaime Salvador
Featuring Joaquin Cordero, Ann Bertha Lepe, Jose Chavez

A man and his wife find themselves in danger when reports of Yeti on the loose begin to circulate.

You know, it didn’t occur to me until I began watching this one that there was something inherently odd about a Mexican Yeti movie; Mexico seems like a singularly unlikely environment for a Yeti to live in. Furthermore, this one lives in a volcano, a fact I was able to glean from Robert Cotter’s “The Mexican Masked Wrestler and Monster Filmography”, a birthday present I got that has proved very useful when I encounter one of those undubbed, unsubtitled Mexican movies. For one thing, I would have never guessed that this was a sequel, but it is; it was the follow-up to EL MONSTRUO DE LOS VOLCANES (aka THE MONSTER OF THE VOLCANOES, which is how I knew the above fact). Still, I always find it interesting to catch a foreign film without dubbing on occasion; it really brings home just how much bad dubbing is responsible for making foreign movies look clumsy and goofy. For the most part, this movie looks no worse than most American movies from the same period; in fact, with the exception of THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN OF THE HIMALAYAS, it looks better than any of the other Yeti movies I’ve seen. However, that only lasts until the monster shows up, and whatever mood or suspense the movie had generated up to that point goes out the window. In fact, the monster turns out to be a double disappointment; not only does he look like your fat uncle in furry long-johns, but he turns out to be – well – let’s just say if THE MONSTER OF THE VOLCANOES was THE DEVIL BAT, this is THE DEVIL BAT’S DAUGHTER, and that is not a recommendation.


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