About this project…

For those of you trying to reach scifilm.org and found yourself here, or clicked on a link from IMDB, be aware that this is my new archive site for my reviews.  The old site isn’t working and may not be back, and many of the reviews on that site haven’t as of yet made it to this site, but I’m working on it.  I ask for your patience and understanding.

This is the archive site for what used to be called my Movie of the Day project, though I no longer write new reviews daily.

For those of you discovering this site for the first time, I started this project in 2001 by trying to watch a different movie every day from the fantastic movie genres – fantasy, horror and science fiction.  After a few months, I decided to start documenting my viewing by writing reviews for each movie.  Though I no longer watch a movie every day, I’m still reviewing what I see.  Eventually, all my reviews will be on this site.

Dave Sindelar



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